More Details on DC Universe Online's Lightning Strike DLC

The folks working on DC Universe Online recently sat down for an interview with PC Gamer and shed some light on the brand new DLC pack Lightning Strikes, which launches on December 6th, 2011.

The Lightning Strikes DLC pack introduces the DC Universe Online's eigth power set; Electricity. What better way to introduce the powers of electricity than with a brand new adventure starring The Flash. The update also features a ton more Flash-themed content including a brand new map; Central City, and new gear, characters and more!

In the interview today, DCUO's Creative Director Jens Andersen touched on some of the cool interactivity that Lightning Strikes incorporates:

Once you break on through to the other side, you find yourself in a Central City police station from times-past, with all the colors bathed in a light sepia tone to complete the old-timey look and feel. I won’t spoil the story of the encounter, but there were a few elements that I really enjoyed about it and want to point out. During the demo, Jens told me that one major thing they’d learned from player feedback on existing content is adding more interactive objects to Duos. So, Central City’s police station is loaded with secret areas, computer terminals, and robots to interact with that can provide extra challenges or alter the way boss fights work.

For example, if you take your time and snoop around the office area, you can hack terminals to disable security robots that are protecting one of the bosses. In another room, prisoners are breaking out of their cells. Some of them start releasing their fellow prisoners, while others make a beeline for the wall of guns in the back of the room. Who you decide is the bigger threat and take out first will change how the fight in that area plays out. It’s a lot of small twists that add up to a diverse set of possible outcomes that should make these repeatable instances more exciting for players tackling them frequently.

The full interview is definitely worth a read, which you can do at the URL above. For more on DC Universe Online, be sure to check out


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