More Information on Standalone Version of Zombie Survival MMO DayZ

Dean 'Rocket' Hall has taken his show on the road, giving DayZ its first appearance at Gamescom in Cologne, Germany. On top of that, Rocket has taken to Reddit to do an AMA (Ask Me Anything), where he revealed a ton of new information on the upcoming standalone version of his popular zombie survival mod, DayZ.

Over on the official DayZ forums, user Max Planck has put together a great recap. Some choice excerpts from the Reddit AMA, include:

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Q: If you had the ability to add one thing to the game, no limits, what would it be?

A: Underground construction using red-faction style damage mechanics for clearing out the subterranean world.

Q: How do you feel about the current situation with the hackers. And have BattlEye been co-operative with you? Can we see a step forward in stopping the hackers or is the release our real safety area.

A: hacking is an ongoing issue. ArmA2 was never designed for what DayZ is putting it through. With DayZ standalone we can address this issue without causing ArmA2 problems, so it can remain the product it is. It is something we
will always have to work on, you cannot completely stop hacking.

 Keep reading for more from Rocket's Q&A session on Reddit!

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Q: Do you plan on having the standalone game as a closed beta, with a prepurchase function where people will get access to the game? (Sortof like minecraft)

A: Alpha will be heavily discounted paid project. The project will never be a full retail priced title, and the alpha will be heavily discounted. No prepurchase. But there will be a premium type purchase that contains some extra collectors edition type stuff like concept art prints etc... for those who want to throw money at the project.

Q: Wildlife? such as bears, cougars, wolf packs, will they be added?

A: More wildlife absolutely. Horses would be cool too.

Q: With the popularity of Lingor, somewhere down the road can we expect to see other maps officially supported aside from just Chernarus? If so, how would character selection work?

A: Absolutely. I think having the ability for the character to travel to other islands is my preferred one (e.g. by boat or air). If you character hasn't traveled then I would see it as creating a new one for that island.

Q: Can we expect improved performance for the standalone-game or should people with weaker computers who can barely play the mod start spending money on their pcs?

A: performance will be much better.

For more information on the standalone version of DayZ, check out


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