Updates on Upcoming DAoC Changes

Joanne Laroche has been quite busy today, making sure the Camelot Herald is kept updated with important notices about changes the DAoC team is working on.

Firstly, the 1.89a update will be going live tomorrow.

We'll be taking the servers down tomorrow morning to bring you 1.89a. All servers (including Pendragon) will be coming down at 8:00 AM EST and we expect to have them back by 4:00 PM EST. Thanks for your patience, and as always keep an eye on the Herald for updates!

Joanne also posted about a few major changes - the User Interface update and the New Frontiers revamp - have both been held back until future updates to allow further development and testing time.

About the User Interface:

We had originally planned on introducing the first phase of the User Interface update, currently on Pendragon, in tomorrow’s live patch. However, due to player feedback, we have decided to alter our plans to allow players more time to test the new interface on Pendragon. Tomorrow’s version will bring the ‘Too Steep’ and gravity changes along with an expansive update to the Dragon’s Revenge campaign, but no User Interface changes. Along with this change, we will also need to delay the Starter Stat Respecs until a later patch.

We greatly appreciate the time everyone has spent on Pendragon testing the updated interface. The feedback we’ve received has allowed us to address bugs and make improvements. If you have not already done so, please take a moment to view the new UI on Pendragon, and submit any feedback or suggestions you may have.

About the New Frontiers revamp:

As many of you are aware, it was our original intention to launch the New Frontiers Battleground revamp with Version 1.89a. After a thorough evaluation of the system, it has been determined that the revamp is not yet ready to go Live. The new plan is for us to work over the next few weeks to complete and polish the system, and then launch the Battleground revamp with Version 1.90. We then intend for the full New Frontiers revamp to go Live with the following version, 1.91.


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