Camelot Weekly Issue #2

It's Monday, so that means it's time for another issue of Camelot Weekly, your recap of activities going on over at the Camelot Herald.

The week kicked off last Monday with the Scroll of Valor, a community feature that allows players to congratulate their friends on accomplishments in the game.

On Tuesday Missy Hatch updated us on an omitted note from the recent 1.90 patch.

Wednesday saw another update, this time on a decision to reevaluate some of the changes made to Heretic damage and Siege Towers in 1.90.

Missy Hatch promised the changes would go live that same day, and sure enough they did in a hot fix to the servers. This hot fix also included some general fixes as well as the Siege Tower and Heretic changes.

On Thursday Missy announced some changes to the Bring a Friend program, including the required number of friends being reduced from 3 to 1, meaning for each friend you get to play DAoC, you earn a free month of play!

Friday capped off the week with Joanne Laroche bringing the weekly guild news. Meanwhile, Missy Hatch chipped in with the Friday Grab Bag.


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