Camelot Weekly - Issue #4

Monday means it's time for the weekly recap of Dark Age of Camelot news from the Camelot Herald. Last week saw a number of different updates, ranging from the weekly features to patches and hot fixes, so let's dig in and get started!

Last Monday the week kicked off with Joanne Laroche posting the Scroll of Valor - a weekly series that allows players to congratulate their friends on achievements within the game.

Tuesday was short and sweet; Missy Hatch announced 1.90a releasing on Wednesday.

Sure enough, Wednesday rolled around and 1.90a was pushed to the live servers. Joanne Laroche posted the patch notes on the Herald for everyone to see.

Thursday saw two news updates released, first was a set of hot fixes posted by Joanne Laroche. Later in the day, she came back with another article, this time it was the weekly guild news.

Friday afternoon there was an announcement of some Population Bonus Adjustments for all realms, as well as the weekly Grab Bag, presented by Missy Hatch.


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