Daniel's Quest comes to Camelot

There are times when many of us take things for granted; we forget that while we may wake up each day in great shape, there is always someone out there in a situation that we'd never hope happen even to our worst enemy.

It's in these times that stories like this are great to see, and is another testament to the kind of company that EA Mythic is. Today on the Camelot Herald, EA Mythic introduced a new quest to Dark Age of Camelot called "Saving Zarees" - a quest written entirely by a gentleman named Daniel, who suffers from Marfan Syndrome, but aspires to one day become a game developer.

The quest is available in each realm, and in multiple level ranges, so everyone has an opportunity to experience the content. You can find it in Cotswold, Mularn, or Mag Mell at levels 7 to 10 and 48 to 50.

Head over to the Daniel's Quest article to read more about this special new content being added to Dark Age of Camelot.


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