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New Grab Bag (Questions & Answers) have been presented over at The Camelot Herald, the official Dark Age of Camelot website.

Q. How exactly does the Resist Pierce bonus work? For example: if my target has 26% resists, and I have 5% Resist Pierce, does this mean when I damage my target they have 21% resists?

A. I went over to the Balancinator who happily explains: Ah! We venture into the realm of Bin A and Bin B resists again. Bin A refers to all the resists you attain from item bonuses and resist spells. Bin B refers to all the resists you attain from realm abilities or other miscellaneous abilities. We will not worry about Bin B resists because spell piercing does not affect it. Spell piercing only works on a portion of the Bin A resists. Spell piercing will only decrease the resists gained through item bonuses.

Tank A – Has 26% resists in cold. The tank attained these all through item bonuses.

Tank B – Has 26% resists in cold. The tank attained 24% resists through buffs and 2% through item bonuses.

Cold Nuke Caster X – Has 5% spell piercing bonus.

Test 1 - Caster X casts the cold nuke on Tank A. The spell piercing is taken directly off the resists gained from item bonus. Since all of Tank A’s resists were from item bonus, we can directly subtract 26% - 5%. Tank A will resist 21% of the spell damage.

Test 2 – Caster X casts the cold nuke on Tank B. The spell piercing is again taken directly off the resist gained from item bonus. Since only 2% of Tank B’s resists can be attributed to item bonus, the equation goes like this 2% - 5%. The resists from item bonus value cannot go below 0 and the extra 3% resist pierce is not applied to other resists. Tank B will resist 24% of the spell damage.

Q. Does the Mythirian of Transmigration still exist? I can't get anyone to confirm it and can't find one on any of the servers I play on. It is supposed to reduce the resurrection illness time.

A. Gazing thoughtfully at his computer screen, The Bearded Wonder replies: As mentioned in a previous Grab Bag:, the Mythirian of Transmigration is not available.

Q. I have a question about root and disease. Another Shaman and I were discussing whether casting disease on a player breaks root or not. After we did some testing we noticed that once disease was cast that the player could start moving slowly. Did disease break the root, with a delayed reaction? Does casting disease or buff shears break root?

A. The Balancinator remained still as he answered: No, your disease did not break root. The root is designed to lose effectiveness over time. Rooted targets will not regain mobility if buff sheared.

Q. I have a question about crafting. I recently heard that New Frontiers has a better crafting bonus then in capital cities and housing, could you shine some light on this for us, please?

A. The Bearded Wonder shifted his head curiously and explains: Here is where we introduced crafting bonuses to the capital cities: This was done to promote crafting in the cities as a hub of activity.

There are no corresponding bonuses like that in New Frontiers. None of the NF zones have a bonus set for crafting like the cities do.

Q. I have been farming a monster in the Deadlands of Annwn named Belum and I have killed him a good 50 times. He only dropped loot about 10 times out of the 50, is there something wrong with the encounter?

I knew the gal to ask about this one, the Lady of the Jewels investigated: The encounter is working as it should be. There is a chance that Belum will not drop any loot, it sounds like you’ve had an unlucky streak.

Q. Does the amount of intelligence I have affect debuffs?

A. Shaking his head, the Balancinator says no: Your intelligence does not affect the efficiency of your debuff. You will see variances on stat debuff amounts in some situations. The stat debuff spells are designed to be less effective on targets that are not buffed.

Q. I was wondering, are Bard mez spells affected by the condition of the instruments being used?

A. The Balancinator pretended to resist, but he knew the answer: No, it does not affect resist rates. The spell resist rate is affected by the level of the spell in comparison to the target.

Q. The Azure Crusher from the Hib Dragon is not able to be dyed. Is this intended?

A. The Lady of the Jewels examined the Azure Crusher carefully: I can’t see a reason why the Azure Crusher shouldn't be able to be dyed just like its fellow Dragon weapons. It is now corrected in the patch notes for 1.93c that is currently on Pendragon. Thank you to the astute player who pointed this out!


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