First week of April Grab Bag

The first week of April's Grab Bag (Dark Age of Camelot) is here! Quite a few questions and answers this time around.

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Q. The Paladin ‘Chant of Perseverance’ is costing power now, when it clearly does not delve a power cost. Is it supposed to cost power to cast?

A. Happy to investigate, the Balancinator started chanting for you: The "Chant of Perseverance" does not cost power to cast, but it has a power upkeep cost of 14 per tick. If you check the delve of the chant, you will notice under power cost that it lists the power cost per tick.

Q. I was wondering about the camera. I can't seem to get it to face the back of my character, so I can see what he's running towards. How can I do this?

A. Without blinking the Bearded Wonder answered in a flash: /resetcamera

Q. Will the new stealth changes affect how assassins detect other assassins?

A. I went to the Balancinator who was pretending he could not be seen at the time, but I found him: No, the assassin classes will still have to rely on innate detection range to find other assassins. The innate detection ranges have not changed.


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