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The latest Dark Age of Camelot Grab Bag answer questions about housing, quests and keep and more. <font color="brown">
Q. I have a question about the new patch note for housing. Owning a large house has always been a mark as a status in the game. With the new price changes a lot of people who have money invested in their homes. A question comes to mind for people like me who now have a house we paid 40 plat for it. If I upgrade once the patch goes live to the new 25 plat Mansion, will the deed to my current house sell back for the 40p I paid for it, or is it going to sell back for the new lower price? I would hope my 40p deed would still be worth the 40p it cost me to purchase.
A. I asked the Bearded Wonder this very popular question and he knew the answer right away: The deed will sell for the current market price.
Q. I have started compiling detailed feedback on quests that I get stuck on. I have suggestions for changes that could be made to quest text to make the quests easier for a new player to figure out. I'm doing it in Word. Who can I send these documents to? A. Straight from the depths of the Quality Assurance department, The Hooded One has an e-mail address for you: Please send your bug reports to: [email protected] (Please note that we investigate all issues reported, but unless we require more information, we are not able to respond to your report.)
Q. I have noticed that several of the new keeps designs do not have any of the half circle windows used to show where a trebuchet breach point is (Specifically the Sursbrooke and Berkstaed designs). Do those keep designs have trebuchet breach points or are they just not marked with the half circle window at the breach point? A. Having breached a few keep walls in his time, the Bearded Wonder explains: The keeps were designed to have different strategies available for keep capture. Some will have more 'breach' points, some will have more 'siege tower' spots. All 'breach' points will look the same.</font> More here.


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