Upgrade To The Curse App Today! We’re Ready For You On PC and Mac

Addons Arrived

It's here! Have you upgraded your Curse Client to the Curse app?

If so, congrats! You’re ahead of the curve.

Starting today, all remaining Curse Client users will need to upgrade to the Curse app on launch. The new Curse app is available for both PC and Mac users, and we’re very excited to offer the full functionality of our mod manager to even more gamers than we could with the Curse Client! You’ll also be able to update all your addons with one click.

This is all part of our scheduled migration that we announced in July. The features that you already know and love within the Curse Client v5 have received updates with their migration to the Curse app to improve usability and enhance player experience. Everything works similarly to the way it does in the Curse Client v5 with added clarity and better UI. We’ve also eliminated ads for all users and expanded our localization support for many more languages.


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