Curse Voice: Welcome to Open Beta!

Hello Summoners,

We are thrilled to announce that Curse Voice is now in open beta! As we enter the open beta phase of Curse Voice I wanted to make a final statement about our belief in the product and any compliance issues still in question.

Based on a recent announcement from Riot, and our desire to always remain in compliance with their wishes, we have taken the proactive step of removing Ultimate, Dragon, and Baron timers as well as the ability to join a voice session without being prompted. We've always loved and respected League of Legends and Riot and trust the game designers to make the right choices for the game.

With the above changes we feel that we are now in compliance with the wishes and desires of the decision makers at Riot and we look forward to continuing our refinement of Curse Voice and offering the best VoIP solution in gaming. We really do appreciate all of the support and kind comments from our fans and followers.


Hubert Thieblot, CEO

Head over to to check out our full announcement, including a list of the great features you'll enjoy as a user of Curse Voice.


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