2013 Alienware March Gaming Bracket Challenge: Ultimate Champion!

Each week during March and into April we matched up legendary characters from the hottest recent releases. New to the challenge? Get caught up:

Your votes decided each week's rises and falls, with the finals including 2 of your favorite characters from upcoming title Marvel Heroes: Hulk and Wolverine. Last week's staff prediction:
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Hulk v. Wolverine
Prediction: Landslide Hulk win
The margin of Hulk's win in nearly every round has been staggering. We think he can take on Wolverine -- but perhaps the savage berserker will put up a good fight!

Prove us wrong you did, as Wolverine circled in for the kill at a 56% vs. 44% win against the mean, green fighting machine. The title of Ultimate Champion has been won, leaving the Hulk lying dejected in the rubble.

Check out the final bracket below, and thanks for participating -- plus, a huge congratulations is in order to the four winners of Alienware X51 gaming systems!


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