2013 Alienware March Gaming Bracket Challenge: Round 4 Results

Round 4 Results

Each week this March and into April we are matching up legendary characters from the hottest recent releases. Who gets through to the next round is up to you, since your votes decide who rises up and who falls in this arena! Round 4 included 8 of your favorite characters from the latest and greatest games. 

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Did your favorite make it? Click the bracket banner below to view all of the results for round 4 and the match-ups for Monday's semifinals!

Round 4 Highlights

Tyrael 80% v. Zoltun Kulle 20%
The power of good absolutely trounced the power of guano-crazy. We'll see Tyrael slipping into the semifinals again this year. Will he claim the title he lost last year to the Creeper? 

Captain America 55% v. Commander Shepard 45%
We thought the ME3 badass would hang around until the semifinals, but in the end Captain America squashed him into a patriotic pile of goop.

Semifinals Predictions

Captain America v. Hulk
Prediction: Landslide Hulk win
Hulk has flattened every contender by a longshot, and we don't think he's going to stop at the semifinals. I think we're going to see the mean green fighting machine right up to the last minute.

Tyrael v. Wolverine
Close Tyrael win
Tyrael is eager to prove himself after last year's semifinals loss, so I think we're going to see him edge out as the winner here, assuming he can dodge Wolverine's claws.

Prove us wrong! Semifinals round voting begins Monday, April 1st! Bookmark this page and check it next week so you don't miss your chance to vote!


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