Full Restore: Pokémon Livestreams for Charity

Today marks the commencement of an awesome event in support of the British Red Cross: Full Restore are a group of video creating, gaming enthusiasts who run an annual Pokémon livestream to benefit the charity, a marathon lasting 100 hours and suitable for all ages!

Start time: Friday, March 29th at 7pm GMT
End time: Tuesday, April 2nd at 11pm GMT

The team has made the process interesting for viewers as well, with a unique approach to participation and donations.

Quote from
Team member Benjamin Pracy, said: “Our approach to livestreaming is quite unique, we have made it more interactive. People will be telling us how to play and what to do, and we believe it makes the whole experience more interesting and exciting for everyone involved.”

 Indeed, players can donate to convince the team to complete certain tasks, or catch and name Pokémon a certain way.

Their website keeps track of all donations so they know which tasks to complete next and which Pokémon to catch. The six Pokémon in their squad are always the Pokémon with the highest total donations. Viewers often group together to support their favourite Pokémon, sometimes donating hundreds to keep them in the top six.

What Can I Donate For?

  • Catching Pokémon - We only catch the Pokémon you donate for (any of the first three generations). We'll even add a custom nickname. The minimum we ask for is £3.
  • Catching rare Pokémon - Same as above but more hardcore. We ask for a minimum of £20 for these exclusive pokémon.
  • Pokémon squad - We'll always make sure the six pokemon with the highest donations are in the current squad.
  • Protagonist & Rival - If you donate to name the characters you can become our Pokémon master.
  • Specific Requests - Got some other ideas about how we can play? As long as it's possible, we'll try it.
  • Real World Challenges - Outside the game, we'll try to fulfil your abstract (and hopefully legal) requests.
  • Full Restore used sing - Donate to hear us ruin your favourite songs during our gym battle sing-alongs.
  • Series Select - You get to decide which Pokémon game we'll play for you.
You can keep track of donation requests on the Pokédex page, which will go live when the stream does. They've raised over £8,000 for the Red Cross Disaster Fund the last two years they've run this event, and hopefully this year tops that! The stream is viewable at the official site, starting at 7pm GMT today.


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