Round 4 Voting: 2013 Alienware March Gaming Bracket Challenge

Each week this March we are matching up legendary characters from the hottest recent releases. Who gets through to the next round is up to you, since your votes decide who rises up and who falls in this arena!

New to the challenge? Get caught up:

Not only can you vote for your favorite heroes, you can also enter our weekly Alienware x51 giveaway! Each week we are giving away one x51 for a total of four winners, so be sure you don't miss your chance to enter to win!
Enter your votes anytime from now through Thursday, March 28th to support your favorite characters. Results will be posted Fridays for each round, so be sure to check back.

Without further delay, here are this week's matchups:

Poll: Captain America v. Commander Shepard

Ends on Mar 29, 2013

Poll: Spider-Man v. Hulk

Ends on Mar 29, 2013

Poll: Tyrael v. Zoltun Kulle

Ends on Mar 29, 2013

Poll: Wolverine v. Iron Man

Ends on Mar 29, 2013

 Be sure to check back Friday for the results, and don't forget to enter our Alienware x51 giveaway each week! 


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