2013 Alienware March Gaming Bracket Challenge: Round 3 Results

Round 3 Results

Each week this March we are matching up legendary characters from the hottest recent releases. Who gets through to the next round is up to you, since your votes decide who rises up and who falls in this arena! Round 3 included 16 of your favorite characters from the latest and greatest games. 

New to the challenge? Get caught up:

Did your favorite make it? Click the bracket banner below to view all of the results for round 3 and the match-ups for Monday's round 4!

Round 3 Highlights

We had some game-changers this week! Some of the more surprising outcomes:

Zoltun Kulle 64% v. Trahearne 36%
The twisted caster won out this round, proving our predictions for the week completely and utterly wrong. We thought Trahearne's fan power would earn him a spot in round 4, but in the end Zoltun Kulle's craftiness saved his hide.

Wolverine 80% v. Connor Kenway 20%
While it's not super surprising that Wolverine won out over Connor, the absolute domination is a shock. We expected Connor to certainly put up more of a fight than 20%!

Round 4 Predictions

Tyrael v. Zoltun Kulle
Prediction: Landslide Tyrael win
We have to believe that the goodness of Tyrael will win out -- not to mention his pure star power.

Spider-Man v. Hulk
Hulk smash
It's getting hot in here, and now the Marvel Heroes legends are going to have to start fighting off their own kind, rather than just characters from other games. When pitted against each other, we still think Hulk has the edge and will rip right through Spidey's webs.

Prove us wrong! Round 4 voting begins Monday, March 25th! Bookmark this page and check it next week so you don't miss your chance to vote!


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