Ask Curse's CEO and Founder Anything & Watch Team Curse's Gaming Apartment Live

The CEO and Founder of Curse has been booted out of his very own apartment temporarily so the diligent Team Curse (NA) can practice super hard for the next month to prepare for the PAX Prime qualifier!  Be sure to tune in at for a live stream of all their daily shenanigans.  Gameplay streams can be found at

In response to this, fans have asked for more information about our fearless leader, Hubert Thieblot.  In response, he challenges Reddit users to ask him anything

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Hi Summoners, I was following the new reddit post about the curse gaming apartment (it's my apartment i gave it to the team while i'm traveling oversea, )and received many requests to start my own AMA thread. You ask and you shall receive:

A little bit about me, I am French and founded Curse Inc. 7 years ago. It developed from inspiration I developed from running my own Guild Site and playing WoW nearly 16 hours a day! Curse now runs more than fifty sites covering most of the top online games. Here's the list -> We also employ more than 100 people world wide.

As a company we got very interested in League, most of us play during lunch time. We now manage and (with Elementz) and now sposor two professional League of Legends Teams. We also have organized two large tournaments with more than 50k in USD cash prizes.

I love playing league (i main AD,my favorite champ is Graves), here are my stats: With that, ask away!

Edit 1:Going to bed now, i ll answer more in the morning! Edit2: back up, answering more questions now, you can also follow me on twitter here!/hthieblot

Whether you're interested about a day in his life at the office, or simply his favorite cookie, you should definitely go partake in this awesome thread by heading over to Reddit!


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