Taking Razer's Tiamat Headset for a Run

If there is one name synonymous with gaming peripherals, it's Razer. With a tight grip on the gaming electronics frontier, Razer is always looking to expand its line up into new territory and more recently they've done just that with their new Razer Tiamat 7.1 true surround sound circumaural gaming headset.

With a grand total of 10 individual drivers, easy on-the-fly customization, and wonderfully comfortable ear cups, Razer has done a great job with this new headset. I gave this headset a good run in a number of gaming and audio related tests and it out performed my other headsets easily with it's depth of bass and rich, crystal clear audio quality.

With most headsets in this range, bass is usually hit or miss, mostly miss, but Razer has done an exceptional job with these and kept it from being distorted or tinny as most are. While playing Battlefield 3, Modern Warfare 3, and a host of other games,  explosions were rich and footsteps were crystal clear and easy to separate from other sound sources thanks to the 7.1 true surround sound techonology used here.

With some virtualized surround sound headphones, footsteps and other small important sounds sometimes get muddled in situations with many different sound sources and it can be hard to discern the source of a shot, bullet, or footstep, but these have no such issue and accurately represent direction and sound source.

Overall the new Razer Tiamat True 7.1 circumaural headset is a great addition to any gamers repertoire and should go a long way to helping you get that extra kill or dodging that deadly claymore click. You can pick these up now, although with the great amount of interest that's been shown for these you might have to wait a few weeks for stock to be replenished!


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