Curse March Gaming Bracket Challenge - Round 3 Results!

Round 3 Results!

Throughout March, Curse and Alienware are holding the March Gaming Bracket Challenge, where you vote to decide who wins! Round 3 has concluded!

Check out the new bracket below, plus some of round 3's highlights and predictions for round 4.

Round 3 Highlights

I was correct on all my round 3 predictions! To me, the most interesting highlight of all is that every World of Warcraft character has been wiped off the board!

Deathwing v. Tyrael: Tyrael win

Tyreal took Deathwing down and Steve fans got their revenge. The Archangel won the popular vote 55% to 46%, and moves on to round 4!

John "Soap" MacTavish v. Prince Malchezaar: Soap MacTavish win

Soap MacTavish helped obliterate team WoW with 55% of the vote! The only FPS character left is still gunning for a win.

Onyxia v. Creeper: Creeper win

I wassss right, Onyxia wasssss jusssst not prepared. Creeper took the win with a shut out 77% of the popular vote.

Round 4 Predictions

I think a few of these could really go either way.

Sarah Kerrigan v. Mephisto: Close Kerrigan win (Prediction)

I think the Queen of Blades will take this one home; just barely. I base this on the fact that I think she is just slightly more well-known for her game than Mephisto is for his.

Diablo, the Lord of Terror v. Tyreal: Too close to call

Now this is a neat match-up! One of two where two characters from the same game are going head to head in the round. I have to admit I have no idea how this is going to go, but I'm excited to see it play out! Heven or hell, let's rock!

Pig v. Enderman: Close Pig win (Prediction)

Forget the final round, I think this is about to be the most dramatic round of the competition! While both have obliterated all the competition they've previously faced, I think Pig fans are extremely die-hard.

"Soap" MacTavish v. Creeper: Creeper win (Prediction)

Although Soap's made it super far, I think creeper fans will be out in droves trying to lift him up for a showdown with Pig. But I could be wrong...

Check back on Monday for Round 3 voting!


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