Brick-Force at GDC 2012!

Yesterday the Curse team got some hands on time with sandbox, "fun-shooter" building game, Brick-Force! The game is in development by Infernum Productions AG and currently in a closed beta stage.

The game is reminiscent of Minecraft as players place blocks to create a multitude of things, from castles to flower gardens. They may also customize their creations by placing decor items like lamps and fences. Up to 8 players can build in one map at the same time and the owner of the map has full control over editing permissions.

However, Brickforce is distinctly different in that it includes tools that allow players to literally become miniature game developers. Builders can create maps where players can literally participate in FPS style matches. They can add capture points which players can fight over using a multifude of unique weapons.

Check out our hands on time with the game above! Head over to for the latest information on the game, or register for beta at!


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