Curse March Gaming Bracket Challenge - Round 2 Results!

Round 2 Results!

Throughout March, Curse and Alienware are holding the March Gaming Bracket Challenge, where you vote to decide who wins! Round 2 was packed with exciting match-ups and a few pretty surprising victories!

Check out the new bracket below, plus some of the most impressive highlights from round 2 and predictions for round 3.

Round 2 Highlights

Reading through the results, I feel like there was at least one serious upset, and some close calls.

Steve v. Deathwing: Deathwing win

Now, to anyone with even a cursory knowledge of these two iconic characters, this win seems pretty obvious; one rains down death and destruction, the other is made of blocks. Seems pretty clear! However, if you've been following the comments for the challenge at all, all the support appears to be behind Steve. Like, all of it. I consider this a serious yet close upset: Steve at 47% and Deathwing at 53%.

Dryad v. Aela the Huntress: Aela win

Surely this was a mistake. You see, Aela was just shooting at a tree for fun and... man, as if I needed more reminder not to mess with Nords and arrows! Aela defeated Dryad 66% to 34%; I wonder who Terraria fans will throw their support behind now?

Pig v. Lydia: Pig win

Although this was an expected victory for Pig, it was won at an extremely close 58% to 42%! Now I love Lydia as much as the next Thane of Whiterun, but I thought Pig would win in a complete and total shutout given all his support.

Round 3 Predictions

My picks last week were surprisingly (to me!) inaccurate! That's why I love this challenge! Here are my round 3 picks; keep throwing me curveballs!

Deathwing v. Tyrael: Close Tyrael win (Predection)

Tyrael's round 2 win surprised me. As did Deathwing's triumph over Minecraft Steve. Part of me believes this is too close to call but I am going to put my prediction behind a risky Tyrael win. Good luck, little fella!

John "Soap" MacTavish v. Prince Malchezaar: Close Soap MacTavish win (Prediction)

Although World of Warcraft characters picked up steam in round 2, I am going with Soap MacTavish on this one as he is currently the only FPS character represented. I think the fan support will pull him through against Prince!

Onyxia v. Creeper: Close Creeper win (Prediction)

Onyxia took the win in a shutout in round 2, but she hasn't faced the likes of a creeper yet. (Or Minecraft fans, for that matter.)

Check back on Monday for Round 3 voting!


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