Introducing the Union for Gamers, a New Way to Partner on YouTube

Curse, Inc and iconic YouTube producer and World of Warcraft veteran Athene have joined forces to unveil an innovative project called the Union for Gamers. This is a brand new and exciting way for YouTube producers to go about seeking a partnership that puts the producer and the content first and foremost.

As Curse continues expanding our YouTube offering, we couldn't help but notice that the contracts that producers were being tied down with were broken...badly. Producers have been taken advantage of with low paying contracts that lock them into producing content for one organization for incredible lengths of time, sometimes even indefinitely!

Today we take the first major step in fixing these problems and offering the world a better alternative.

The Union for Gamers offers smarter contracts to producers with more freedom and one of the best pay scales in the industry. In our partnership with Athene, Curse has written a fair, honest and user-friendly contract for YouTube producers looking to partner with us. The contract completely breaks away from the norms of YouTube partnerships in multiple ways, including:

  • No exclusivity - you are not bound to Curse or YouTube and retain your creative freedom.
  • No confidentiality - we are proud of our contract and do not require any sort of confidentiality in discussing the terms or details.
  • Leave whenever you want - while most contracts tend to lock you in for years, this one can be cancelled at any time.
  • Better pay - At $3 CPM, this is hands-down one of the highest dollar-per-thousand-views rates you'll find, higher than what many top YouTubers get paid.
Curse and Athene are ready to change the way YouTube partnerships work and we encourage you to visit to learn more and be sure to take a look at the amazing announcement video that Athene has created, which you can find embedded above.


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