Press Release - Curse Client Trademark

Curse, Inc. trademarks Curse Client™ to fight illegal distribution.

Protecting users from online spyware is a priority

San Francisco – January 19, 2012 – Curse, Inc. ( announces the trademark of its popular product the Curse Client. The Curse Client is a desktop application that simplifies add-on management for games like World of Warcraft, Rift and Skyrim (among many others). With the Client users can download, install or update a game’s add-ons with one click rather than go through the tedious process of manually managing their game files.  The company decided to file for a trademark due to previous attempts by hackers to imitate the application and steal users’ online identity.

Founder & CEO, Hubert Thieblot, expressed his concern in regards to this matter, “Security is an important feature of the Curse Client and one we take very seriously.  Our users have given us their trust in installing the executable in our desktop application.  The trademark gives us the ability to fight imposter clients and ensure they do not appear in search results helping us to further protect users.”

Curse, understanding the importance of constant monitoring of potential infringements and with the purpose of preventing these from happening in the future, has spent thousands of dollars to get the Curse Client trademarked. With this action users can be reassured that the Curse Client they find in search results is legitimate.


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