Curse Gaming IEM Tournament Recap

Curse Gaming was invited to compete in the IEM New York League of Legends tournament.  The tournament is single elimination with 8 teams competing for a $32,000 prize pool.

Curse’s first game opened up the second day of competition against v8esports.  Both teams opened up with targeted banning against their opposing team.  Curse banned Karthus to remove that threat from Phantoml0rd arsenal and went on to ban both Amumu and Kog’maw.  v8esports went after Nyjacky banning both Zilean and Ryze with a follow up ban on Morgana.  After the bans Curse settled on a lineup of Caitlyn, Soraka, Swain, Udyr, and Veigar, with v8esports selecting Brand, Cho’Gath, Nocturne, Sona, and Vayne.

Both teams started out the match stealing each other’s wraiths before settling into lane.  Udyr came out strong with helping to pick off Jana as she was warding Dragon giving Curse first blood and the early lead.  On top Swain was able to survive a couple ganks and even turning one around killing Nocturne and escaping with his life.

Curse ended up winning this first match against v8esports using the massive burst damage of Nyjacky’s Vieger, a strong Udyr jungle, and securing some neutral objectives.  With this victory under their belt they were 1-0 as they started planning for their second match.

The second game for Curse was a match up against SK Gaming.  This match didn’t see any real targeted bans.  SK Gaming decided to ban Cassiopeia, Irelia, and Udyr with Curse going after Ryze, Udyr and Zilean.  For Curses’ line up frot he second game they went for Caitlyn, Soraka, Swain, Veigar, and Warwick, with SK picking up Janna, Kog’maw, Morgana, Nocturne, and Talon.

SK started the match with stealing much of Lapaka’s jungle giving him a shaky start.  SK went on to use their jungler’s advantage to gank top securing first blood upon taking down Swain.  Kog’maw and Jana were also able to harass Cures’ Caitlyn and Soraka on the bottom and eventually picking them both off with an impressive gank.

SK was able to secure the win over Curse using the ranged harass from Kog’maw and securing several Dragons and Barons. With this defeat Curse was now 1-1 and needed to win the third match to move onto the semi-finals.

Curse’s third match saw them up against Sypher, with both teams having a record of 1-1 needing a win to move onto the semi-finals.  Curse banned Cassiopeia, Kog’maw, and Urgot and SK went after Zilean, Ryze, and Veigar.  For Curse’s lineup they grabbed Brand, Ezreal, Janna, Jax, and Udyr.  Sypher went with Caitlyn, Gangplank, Karthus, Nasus, and Taric.

Top lane saw a lot of action at the begging of this game with Pobelter’s Jax dominating Nasus and picking up 2 early kills against him and getting an early turret.  Even though Curse was able to secure this early lead Sypher was going to give up.  Sypher got the first Dragon kill and went on to secure 3 more unopposed Dragons as the game progressed.  Having a distinct gold advantage Sypher was able to over come Curse’s advantage in kills.

Sypher came out of the third match victorious over Curse using their gold advantage and a great combination of Caitlyn, Gangplank, and Karthus ults and a farmed Nasus.

Having lost the third match Curse was at 1-2 and out of the Tournament.  Even though they had lost Curse has showed some very nice game play and looks to be a strong contender in future tournaments.  


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