Keylogger Warning

There have been a rash of keylogger attempts recently -- especially those that provide links to other websites -- and we'd like to thank the community for the number of reports we've gotten on every one of them. For the safety of each and every member of the Curse community, we urge everyone to not use a project found here on Curse that provides a link to another website for the AddOn files. We'll be deleting them as fast as we can, but in the interim please do not use links unrelated to

Only download your files from addresses if you're visiting us to get your AddOn updates. For World of Warcraft players, be sure that any URL you click on to get a file is one of the following:

If the URL is anything other than these four possible addresses -- do not download from the project and instead use the report function.

Curse would be nothing without the great player community; supporting your safety is our number one goal, and we thank everyone who has helped to stamp out any possible keylogger attempts on the website thus far. If you'd like to report someone for possibly posting a keylogger on the website -- whether it be in an AddOn project, forum post, or even comments -- please use the report function and email us at [email protected] with a link to the offending content.

- The Team


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