New Version of the Curse Client

A new version of the Curse Client has been released. We're now up to version 0.12.5. It is one of those early adopter releases and mainly features small bug fixes. The client itself has the ability to auto update itself but I'm a firm believer of only releasing auto updates when we release major updates or when we release versions which fix critical issues.

I try to do staged releases so that if there is an issue it will not affect all our users and we can go back and resolve it and release another update rather rapidly without inconveniencing our existing user base. Then once it is well tested we can go ahead and release an auto update.

I have been debating whether this is really the best approach and if you have any input or have any issues with 0.12.5 feel free to comment and discuss in this news posting. The next version to go out as an auto update will be 0.13.0.

I'm posting this to see if users would like to have some input on how we do automatic updates instead of us discussing it internally at the office. I figure you guys are the ones ultimately most affected by this change anyways. Also would you like news updates of any future minor releases?

Grab it here.

Here is the changes all the way back to 0.12.2.

Version 0.12.5


  • Added a debug mode where the user can follow and analyze file operations.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug where the wrong path was being sent to BrowseDlg in CurseTrayIcon. Should now be possible to browse for custom paths again.
  • BrowseDlg::prompt should now allow for paths with '/' in them.
  • Error reports should no longer have characters with a value above 0x7f. Which means they are now UTF-8 compatible instead of 8-bit extended ASCII.

Version 0.12.4


  • Added error reporting so that users can report any crashes directly to our central server.


  • If the user specifies a name and saves the screenshot to disk it now chooses that name as a filename by default.
  • Updated documentation to better reflect the current state of the client.
  • Increased default quality of JPEG images from 75 to 85.
  • Hardware stats will now only be sent once per week.
  • CPU description strings should now be more accurate for AMD K8L type processors.
  • CPU speed is now read from the system information instead of calculated.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug in snapshotPath that would affect very specific cases.
  • Fixed a bug in stringToInteger where a local variable override would overshadow something that it shouldn't have.
  • Fixed a crash involving DirectSound.
  • Fixed HTTP UserAgent string.

Version 0.12.3


  • Switched Config::getShowExternalPackages from true to false.
  • Theming now supports font styles as well.
  • MessageDlg now supports multiple messages in one dialog and should look a little bit better.
  • Added MessageLog class for making sure the user does not see the same message multiple times. Default is message can only be displayed once per 3 days.
  • Re-themed all dialogs.
  • PackageManager class now shows an error if a World of Warcraft package is requested but World of Warcraft isn't installed.
  • RSSManager and PackageManager now uses the new multiple messages in one MessageDlg. Should allow the user to close them easier.
  • RSSManager now splits off the game name from any news it receives, i.e everything before the first ':' of the title. This was done because the title would be too long otherwise. Will add game icon later.
  • Reduced time required to wait between logins in the wizard interface from 15 seconds to 5 seconds.
  • Wizard dialog sequence reduced from 8 steps to 3.
  • Fixed sqlite library which was debug but should be release.

Bug Fixes

  • HotkeyCtrl now correctly sets the hot key to 0 if none is selected.


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