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Ready your forks and knives and pull up a chair -- it's time for the Friday Feast -- our weekly recap of everything going on in the MMO world. News, patch notes, videos; you want it, we've got a link for you here!

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Game News
Patch Notes

Game News

Games Under Development

Age of Conan's week kicked off with two new interviews Erling Elingsen at and The week capped off with a brand new gameplay trailer and a special holiday contest.

Pirates of the Burning Sea had a huge week; the NDA was lifted, European Pre-orders finally got a release date, previews began rolling in from and PotBS Vault, GameSpot visited Flying Lab, the European Open Beta has partners and of course, Open Beta started!

Jumpgate Evolution started popping up in the news this week; the game's been in development for a bit now and Netdevil is finally beginning to share information. They did so through a developer chat on MMORPG, as well as putting out a developer journal and they capped the week off with coverage in Beckett MOG Magazine.

Star Trek Online released their 5th Dev Log and showed off a screenshot of the game in the process -- head over to check it out.

Stargate Worlds made four new wallpapers available in their gallery and announced a chance to win a Stargate Worlds t-shirt.

The Chronicles of Spellborn posted their latest Developer Journal -- this one covering Mob Behavior. In addition to that, the TCoS team also participated in an IRC chat with MMORPG.

Warhammer Online's November Newsletter came out, showing off lots of cool new stuff coming to the game that hadn't been talked about previously, Winter's Wrath paid a visit to EA Mythic and WAR Beta Update - Part 5 came out, much to the delight of all of the fans over at Warhammer Alliance.

Released Games

Anarchy Online saw a ton of activity with upcoming community events, Professional Program recruitment, Christmas in Rubi-Ka and a special all expansion upgrade.

Dark Age of Camelot remains one of the most active games in terms of community news, updates and general information. The week began on Monday with Bounty Point Adjustments, a list of the pop quiz winners, and the weekly Scroll of Valor. Chris Rabideau took the time mid-week to comment on chat channel woes, the EA Mythic team gave thanks for players sticking it out through issues, the weekly Guild News was released, Joanne Laroche talked about a special Midwinter Present & Future event and Missy Hatch sealed the week off in perfect fashion with The Merry Grab Bag.

TenTonHammer interviewed two Turbine developers about Dungeons & Dragons Online: Stormreach and the week continued on from there with the thread of the week, introduction of the DDO Referral Program and the announcement of a DDO Developer Chat on December 12th.

EVE Online had a big week with the introduction of their latest expansion: Trinity, which you can read about in the patch notes section. EVE's Director of Community Relations prepared the players with a great compilation of links on the forums, MMORPG sent out invitations to pilots about an IRC chat event, threw a special Investigation Contest, the CCP folks posted troubleshooting for the boot.ini issue and TenTonHammer reviewed EVE Online: Trinity.

EverQuest has a new Meet the Community available to peruse, as well as an Out on the Town that visits Ak'Anon, a new Forum Hodgepodge and news of a Legends of Norrath Expansion that will be introducing new loot cards.

EverQuest II's new Community Spotlight came out on Monday, but there was even more activity than that on EQ2Players. A New Tunaria Zone Review went up Tuesday followed by the weekly Treasure Chest, news about Game Update 41 hitting test, the Town Crier, a new Player Spotlight and of course -- just like EverQuest -- new loot cards with the Legends of Norrath Expansion.

Final Fantasy XI had a slow week as they're putting the finishing polish and bug-fixing on their latest expansion, Wings of the Goddess, but the Special Task Force was up to business as usual, getting rid of RMT scum, much to the delight of players everywhere.

Fury has also had a slow week as they're preparing to unleash Age of the Chosen on December 14th. Auran is definitely sharing information on the update, though, through an interview with MMORPG.

Monday is where the week started for Guild Wars with a new State of the Game about balanced builds in Heroes' Ascent; it continued on from there with a new Guild of the Week, a great new artist series wallpaper and finally, a special holiday promotion for Guild Wars: Eye of the North.

Hellgate: London's community manager talked a bit about Patch 0.7 nearing release to the test center, Patch 0.6 went live and the team announced participation in a Hellgate: London IRC chat.

For Lord of the Rings Online, Turbine began with a look at Ost Forod and then announced some cool holiday special treats, as well as a LOTRO Lorebook Guide on Advanced Search.

Star Wars Galaxies came out with a new SWG Team Profile to start the week, then continued on with a Fan Art Gallery update, a new Galactic Showcase about The Farm House, a warning about keeping your characters safe, a player city listing update, this week's Friday Feature and a new player spotlight.

Tabula Rasa published a Review Roundup with tons of website reviews of the game that have been released thus far. Gamestop is giving away a Tabula Rasa ZBoard Keyset, MMORPG reviewed the game, Richard Garriott will be speaking at DC ACM and RPG Valt looks into the work behind the Crimson Cauldron.

Vanguard put out a new Getting to Know the Vanguard Team by interviewing Glip, then continued on with Keeping up with the Community and an alert to keep your characters safe. They also published new player submitted screenshots and announced the winter holiday event.

Patch Notes

EVE Online -- Build 45000
EVE Online -- Build 45001
EverQuest -- December 5th
Hellgate: London -- Patch 0.6
Star Wars Galaxies -- Chapter 7.3; December 6th
Tabula Rasa -- December 1st
Tabula Rasa -- Test Server; December 5th
Tabula Rasa -- Test Server; December 7th


We have several great videos for you this week. The first is a Van Helsing Trailer set in WoW, created by Wello. The other three are trailers for the following games: Age of Conan, EVE Online and Lineage II. Be sure to click through on their titles to rate them!

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