Cube World Developer Releases 'Explorers' Trailer

After quite a long silence on the official blog, Cube World developer Wollay has resurfaced with a lengthy and simply awesome video covering some of the new features he's been working on since the last post nearly four months ago. Some of the new things we see since last time:

  • Sailing/boats
  • Falling leaves/Autumn-style trees
  • An incredibly rendered world map
  • Crafting system shown via spinning wheel, with skill trees
  • Pet riding
  • Classes (Warriors, Rogues, Mages, Rangers)
  • New combat styles/weapons/spells/effects
  • New monsters

If you haven't heard of the game you'll definitely want to check out Wollay's blog, where you'll learn tons about this upcoming voxel-based exploration RPG featuring quests, classes, building, and more upon release. And of course, be sure to visit the Cube World Wiki for information on every aspect of the game so far.

Can you spot more new stuff? Let us know in the comments below!


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