Cube World Update: Quests and Pets and Villages, Oh My!

Wollay, developer and creator of project code-named Cube World, has posted a huge, image-filled update on his blog this weekend!  If you haven't heard of Cube World, it's not surprising - this indie game has a very small development team, but their output is simply stunning.  This voxel-based exploration RPG will feature quests, classes, building, and more upon release, and is highly anticipated within the indie game community.

In this weekend's update, Wollay announced the upcoming official homepage, which will contain a forum, blog, and database, all coded in C++.  Multiplayer was also mentioned - everyone will be able to host their own servers via a separate application.  Unfortunately, it's Windows-only for now, but a user-made Linux port is imminent.  Other updates/future additions include:

  • In-game server browser to easily connect to different servers from the client
  • Start screen, menus, save slots, and character creation in development
  • Chat window
  • Pets: Including cats, slimes, various dog breeds
  • Moustaches!
  • Fading zone intros
  • Crouching to sneak past enemies and climb walls
  • New quest types
  • Mob type: Witches
  • Streetlights
  • Villages - containing shops, inns, and towers
    • Towers contain Sages, which can identify things
    • Different kinds of shops: Item shops, weapon shops, armor shops, all with different item rarities
Wollay is notorious for hiding new things in screenshots as well, so perhaps you'll catch things we missed!  Check out the gallery below, and be sure to visit the Cube World Wiki for information on every aspect of the game so far!


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