The Hunted Becomes the Hunter, Crytek and EA Unveil Crysis 3

After teasing the unveil of Crysis 3 last week, Crytek and Electronic Arts have lifted the lid on the follow up to 2011's Crysis 2.

The team has released some screenshots, available in the gallery below, as well as some key information on the upcoming shooter. The year is 2047. New York has been encased in a massive nanodome by the Cell Corporation, turning the Big Apple into a massive urban rainforest of sorts. Players take on the role of Prophet as he returns to New York, only to find the entire world flipped upside down with the installment of the Nanodome, known as the New York City Liberty Dome. Where streets and avenues once reigned, New York City is known riddled with massive trees, boggy swamplands and white rivers.

Inside of the Dome, there are seven distinct areas known as the Seven Wonders. Prophet will wield more advanced weaponry and armor than ever before, including the lethal composite bow seen in the screenshots below and an even more advanced Nanosuit.

The domes were installed by CELL in their ongoing attempt to seize land, technology and ultimately global domination. The organization lied to the people, however, saying that the domes were being put in place to protect them while New York City is cleansed of the alien threat. Upon learning of this deception, Prophet is compelled to set things straight and put an end to CELL's corrupt ways for good.

Crysis 3 is a thrilling mix of sandbox gameplay, advanced combat and hi-tech human and alien weaponry that shooter fans will love,” says Cevat Yerli, CEO at Crytek. “Leveraging the latest CryENGINE technology, we’re able to deliver seven unique themes that offer stunning and visually loaded gameplay experiences. We cannot wait until people get their hands on the game.”

Crysis 3 is currently set at a Spring 2013 release date, so be sure to stay tuned for more information as we get closer to the launch timeframe. For pre-order information, including special in-game bonuses, check out!

Gallery: April Unveil


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