Crytek Teases Plans To Reveal Crysis 3 On April 16th

Crytek and Electronic Arts appear to be getting ready to announce a follow up to 2011's popular first-person shooter Crysis 2, with some teaser images revealed online.

The first sign of Crysis 3 was the appearance of the game on EA's digital delivery service Origin, where the alleged cover art was captured (see image above). Next up came a teaser image in this month's issue of Game Reactor (the Swedish language version). The teaser image doesn't guarantee Crysis 3, but it does contain the franchise's classic hexagonal art style. All of this up to now can easily be tossed aside as mere rumor, if not for Crytek's own revelation. The studio behind the Crysis franchise contacted in regards to their inquiry about Crysis 3.

The developer responded with a cryptic, "The best kept secret in shooters just can't be contained. Stay tuned for more information on April 16."

Stay tuned to for more information, we'll be sure to follow up when we learn more!


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