Crusader Kings II Releases First Expansion: Sword of Islam

Paradox has announced that the first expansion for Crusader Kings II is now available for $9.99 at!  Sword of Islam adds Muslim rulers, along with a wealth of new features.  

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With the release of the Crusader Kings II: Sword of Islam expansion, this scheming strategy RPG will allow players to command Muslim nations, opening up a world of polygamous problems, new laws, traits, titles and over 100 new events, as well as a flavorful Islam-inspired interface. Experience the Crusades from the other side. Combat decadence within your own dynasty. And solve problems arising in your very own harem. Or just start panicking and invade France. Your call.


  • Play as any Muslim ruler across great dynasties including the Ottoman and Mamluk empires
  • New gameplay mechanics reflect the distinctive traits of the great rulers and empires of the time
  • Tons of new events, laws, traits, titles, and more!

A free update as well as additional downloadable content will also be released alongside the expansion, which introduces improved combat mechanics, numerous new events, traits and decisions to the main game.

Grand strategy game Crusader Kings II explores medieval Europe, bringing it to life through tactical depth and rich strategy.  For more information about the game, check out!


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