CrimeCraft Server Merge Announced

Vogster Entertainment has announced that they will be merging two CrimeCraft servers on May 23rd. The Exeter server will be merged into Jericho as a part of Vogster's plans to introduce a European realm in the future.

The downtime on May 23rd will be approximately 12 - 15 hours during scheduled maintenance time on that day. In regards to your characters, all characters on Jericho will remain unchanged but there are some important notes on changes to Exeter characters.

Vogster will be transferring all level 20 and above characters that have been active in the last six months. They will also be transfering all characters levels 1 - 19 that have been active in the last month, as of May 23rd. Players concerned with their alternate characters need only log in one time to have that character deemed 'active' and therefore transferred in the merge.

Any more questions about the merge should hopefully be answered in the Q&A that Vogster has put together. Take a look below.

Server Merge Q&A

Q: Will all characters be merged?

A: No. We will begin by merging all characters level 20 and above that have been active in the last six months. We will also transfer other characters levels 1-19 that have been active in the last month as of May 23. We will have a full backup of the Exeter server available, however, and any characters that are not merged will still be available at the user's request.

Q: What happens if I have three characters on each server and no open character slots?

A: All characters will be available on the merged server. However, you will not be able to create a new character unless you have purchased additional character slots or delete characters to less than the max.

Q: What happens if someone else has a character with same name as one of mine? What happens if I have characters with the same name on both servers?

A: A suffix (EXETER) will be added to the character name of any characters imported with identical names. We will provide one free name change per character in these instances. For example, characters named CapoDeiCapi exist on both servers. After the merge, the CapoDeiCapi from Exeter will be renamed CapoDeiCapiEXETER and the CapoDeiCapi character on Jericho will remain CapoDeiCapi.

Q: What about gangs? Will gangs be merged?

A: Gangs will be merged on a limited basis. After the merge is complete, the gang will have one member (the leader) but will keep their gang name, level and achievements. Gang hideouts and clubs cannot be transferred, so gang leaders and members will need to get the valuable items out of their bank before the merge. Fortunately, we will be able to calculate the value of any remaining items in a gang bank and provide the gang leader with in-game cash compensation so they will be able to quickly refill the gang bank. Please note that a character cannot have more than $9,999,999 in-game cash, so players are strongly advised to empty their gang banks into their backpacks, ATMs and mail. Gang leaders will also be compensated for in-game cash spent on hideouts and clubs and Gold Bars spent on clubs. Hideout refunds will cover the cost of the hideout, upgrades, purchased slots, vendors, etc. Gold Bars will be reimbursed manually and will take a little more time than the in-game cash compensation.

Q: What will happen with my ATMs and mail?

A: All ATM tabs will be transferred in the merge, however, only mail with items or money attached will be transferred.

Q: What about auctions?

A: All auctions will be transferred in the merge with no items delisted.


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