Civilization V: Gods & Kings

Say goodbye to any plans you had for the next month, Sid Meier's Civilization V: Gods & Kings will hit the shelves on June 19th, and with it comes a bevy of changes to the turn based strategy game that you have come to know, love, and happily offer endless hours of your life to.

Getting right to the good stuff, Gods & Kings is sporting two new mechanics: Religion, and Espionage. Religion gives players the added ability to found a religion, customize it's beliefs (in-game benefits) using the 'faith' resource, and spread or enforce those beliefs in neighboring city-states and civilizations. The game proposes up to eleven religions that can be renamed to the player's liking, each with different inherent worshipping fundamentals such as ancestory. 

Espionage will allow the player to steal technological advancement from neighboring civilizations, rig influence elections in city-states and perform reconnaissance missions within hostile nations. Spies cannot be built but are awarded to the player at set intervals in a game's progresison, and cannot be used in multiplayer matches.

As if that weren't enough, Gods & Kings will introduce nine new playable civilizations, new units, wonders, buildings, and a load of new Steam achievements. For all your world domination needs, check out the official Gods & Kings website


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