Civilization V: Gods & Kings GDC Interview With Lead Designer Ed Beach

Real-time strategy guru Sid Meier's Firaxis Games is getting ready to release Gods & Kings, a brand new expansion for their popular RTS Civilization V. We were fortunate enough to chat with Civilization V Lead Designer Ed Beach about the upcoming expansion pack.

Gods & Kings is definitely a major update to Civilization V, bringing a handful of new features and revamped game mechanics. First, the expansion introduces a 100-point combat system versus the 10-point system previously used in Civ V, so with units being able to take more damage, battles end up slowing down and your tactics end up really needing to be redeveloped.

Another major feature being added is Religion, something that was implemented in previous Civilization games. In Gods & Kings, religion is a totally new mechanic, however. Players may experience the same religions as previous games but the similarities end there. Rather than being a diplomatic sort of system, religion in Civ V works like this: when starting a new civilization, players can choose a religion for their people. As they progress in the game, they will be able to earn faith in a points-based system. As players build up their faith, they will eventually be able to use this faith for various rewards and buffs including building a Pantheon of the Gods that will cause nearby cities to adopt that religion as their own.

Civilization V: Gods & Kings introduces the aforementioned religion and combat changes as well as a really exciting espionage mechanic that players can use to capture information, instigate a coup or even fix elections. The downside? If your thief is caught, he will be executed and the city-state you have been spying on may declare open war on you. Use your spies wisely!

For more on Civilization V, be sure to visit and enjoy our full interview with Ed Beach, embedded above!


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