Issue 22: Death Incarnate Arriving Today in City of Heroes, New Trailer Released

NCSoft is gearing up to release Issue 22: Death Incarnate, the latest update for City of Heroes and easily the biggest content update since the game went free to play.

Death Incarnate is a pretty hefty update, bringing with it new costumes and powers, exclusive VIP content, a reincarnated Dark Astoria and 'expanded endgame features'. Dark Astoria has been twisted by mysterious and evil forces and the undead enemies here are stronger than ever before. The zone is now a level 50 Incarnate co-op zone that will unlock abilities for both heroes and villains alike. 

Also included in the update are a few new missions and events, available for all level players. Issue 22 is introducing new powers, costumes and so much more so if you're a City of Heroes fan or if you're thinking about checking out the game, do yourself a favor and drop by to read the full update notes!

Issue 22: Death Incarnate is due to go out later today, so keep your eyes out for the update to go live.


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