The Rikti Returns

The threat of the Rikti is returning to a City of Heroes server near you.

They will be back in force the following dates throughout the year:

  • March 7th through the 13th
  • April 25th through May 1st
  • June 13th through June 19th
  • August 1st through August 7th
  • Sept 26th through Oct 2nd
  • November 14th through November 20th

Prepare for a desperate battle to save Earth from the Rikti Invasion Force! Aggressive Rikti forces will attack Paragon City and Rogue Isle with increased frequency at any time during the above dates! Some important items to remember about Rikti Invasions:

  • When Zones within the cities are under attack, a world-wide alert will be issued by Vanguard. This alert will show up in your Chat window on the System channel, warning you in which zone attack is imminent.
  • While the invasion is occurring, players do not receive debt while outdoors in an invaded zone.
  • Those in that zone that do not wish to be at risk of Rikti attack are asked to take shelter immediately. They can do so by leaving the zone, or moving inside buildings or under cover (overpasses, parking garages, etc.).
  • The combative inhabitants in a zone will move off the streets and to safer locations when a Rikti Invasion takes place.
  • Rikti bombs appear to be unstable and not 100% reliable. Some do not explode on impact and only embed themselves in the ground. These bombs have been noted to detonate after a time, so take caution when you see these. They can be disarmed or delayed by inflicting damage upon them.

To assist organization of defense forces, Vanguard encourages all interested parties to coordinate activities via discussion threads on the Official Server Forums.


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