Reactivation Weekend

There's a City of Heroes reactivation weekend this.. weekend! Great time to check out the new Issue, number twelve.

Check out or recent City of Heroes features

<font color="brown"> Just in time to try out all the new features included in Issue 12: Midnight Hour, it’s a free Reactivation Weekend! From Thursday, May 22nd starting at 11 AM Pacific (1 PM Eastern) and continuing through Sunday, May 25th at 8:59 PM Pacific (11:59 PM Eastern) all inactive accounts in good standing have free access to City of Heroes and/or City of Villains!

If you haven’t played in a while, be sure to read through the press release for the launch of Issue 12: Midnight Hour: “NCsoft Covers New Ground in City of Heroes” and visit the Official Message Forums for a wealth of information about Issue 12.

We’ll see you in game and have a great “City of” weekend! </font>


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