Free-to-Play FPS Bullet Run Officially Live for PC from SOE

Sony Online Entertainment has announced that their free-to-play first-person shooter, Bullet Run, has exited open testing and is now available to the public!

Bullet Run is a brand new first-person shooter, set in the near future. The game takes the form of a reality TV program, where performance is key. Killing your opponent isn't the only goal here, as players will be rewarded for killing them in style. As your character progresses, they earn fame from their exploits on the 'show', allowing you to unlock weapons, modifications, decals and so much more.

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"We are excited to finally bring this highly-anticipated game to our players," said Christopher Sturr of Sony Online Entertainment. "Bullet Run is a proof point that our goal at SOE continues to be to bring top-tier quality interactive experiences to players of all ages through our diverse portfolio of free-to-play online games. We are confident players will enjoy Bullet Run's high energy persistent combat experience and can't wait to hear their feedback."

Bullet Run boasts:

  • Reality TV Game Show Storyline - Players will have to fight for stardom or settle for 15 minutes of fame. Cameras and commentators capture all the intense FPS action, where style and showmanship earn "Heat" and fame on the road to stardom.
  • Eight Kill Skills - Unique abilities can be trained and unleashed during combat. Each brings in cutting-edge technology for players to use in their match and are unlocked as contestants earn Heat. These include damage heals, berserker mode, enemy-trapping robots, aerial ammo attacks, devastating mini-gun action and more.
  • Active Reload - Bullet Run moves fast, and your guns need to load even faster.  The game offers an Active Reload feature. When you hit 'reload,' a circular interface appears. If you hit it just right, your weapon loads much faster.  But be precise, if you don't hit the mark, your gun will jam.
  • Six Killer Arenas - A thrilling assortment of game maps for players to explore and dominate including industrial landscapes, desert wastelands, and more.
  • Character Stylization - Players have access to hundreds of 'vanity' items to customize their characters and style, earning boosts and experience points in the in-game Style system.
  • Bring on the Heat - In-game progression is rewarded through exciting play; the more Heat, the more fans. The more fans, the more players level up their Fame. Taunt, slay and humiliate opponents, increasing Heat and unlocking new skills and weapons.
  • Character Progression - Gain access to unique items and weapons as your character advances to new levels of fame (experience); you can also earn in-game currency to help improve and learn new skills.

Check out the game online at Don't forget, it's completely free to play so give it a shot and let us know in the comments what you think of it!

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