Brick-Force VIP Open Beta Launches Today

The open beta for Brick-Force officially launches today, granting all players who have registered plus their friends immediate access to the game.  Every registered player will receive a key code, allowing them to invite an unlimited number of friends to the VIP Open Beta. 

The client is now available on the official website, featuring updates such as new sandbox mode possibilities, balancing improvements, new voiceovers in all six languages, and several new items!

In the above video, Infernum showcases some of the best maps made during the Closed Beta, and thanks the community for their hard work playtesting.

This free-to-play sandbox shooter allows players to create their own unique maps and worlds, which they then can play on against each other or NPCs.  Be sure to visit for the latest information on the game, or get information on participating in the VIP and regular Open Betas at!


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