Brick-Force Announces VIP Open Beta

Infernum announced today that prior to the April 26th commencement of Open Beta, a VIP Open Beta will be launched, giving over 500,000 users plus their invited friends an opportunity to immerse themselves in Brick-Force before the floodgates open.

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The VIP Open Beta will go live with numerous changes and improvements based on community feedback. The building mode will be expanded to include new features to empower map builders, such as the possibility to build several bricks at once or defy gravity with the sandbox Jetpack. Furthermore, brand new sounds will be introduced in all language versions, in addition to improved balancing. Several new items will be offered in the item shop via game currency or real money. A complete redesign of the interface will also be implemented shortly after the Open Beta launch, along with the browser version which is nearing completion.

In addition, two other shooter modes are being developed, and will launch in a few weeks.  'Defense Mode' introduces new PvE maps where players battle waves of monsters, while 'Build and Destroy' is a free-build mode where players use and destroy blocks as part of game strategy.  A 'Defense Mode' screenshot below:

This free-to-play sandbox shooter allows players to create their own unique maps and worlds, which they then can play on against each other or NPCs.  Be sure to visit for the latest information on the game, or get information on participating in the VIP and regular Open Betas at!


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