Colony Add-on for Bounty Bay Online in sight

On January 15th of 2009, Frogster is going to launch the free colony add-on for Bounty Bay Online. With this comprehensive expansion, player guilds will be able to establish their own colonies with towns and harbours in the historical sailor world. Once created, guilds decide not only upon their appearance but also upon their in-game progress and their commercial policy. Mighty guilds hereby create their individual home territory and retreat as well as a profitable trading base. The colony add-on of roundabout 500 MB size will be installed automatically by the patcher tool when starting Bounty Bay Online. Existing characters and accounts can be used further on unrestrictedly. The game software for Bounty Bay Online is available for free on

  • Industrial Harbor: Specializes in the research of weapons, armor and the trade of pets.
  • Business Harbor: Specializes in the trade of materials between the different colonies.
  • Collectors Harbor: Specializes in importing and gathering of materials which can normally only be bought from NPCs.
  • Military Harbor: Specializes in the research of new ships, new ship features, cannons and ammunition.


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