Bounty Bay Online Enters Open Beta

Bounty Bay Online - a new historical MMORPG which stretches half the world has entered open beta.

Another milestone has been taken: Bounty Bay Online has entered the open beta phase. From now on until release, every gamer can enter the historic 15th century world for free and become a pirate, merchant or explorer. During the open beta phase, final adjustments to the game and it's balancing will be done according to player feedback, until the game hits store shelves mid of September.

During the open beta phase, spectacular events will take place bringing the historic world to life and adding fun as well immersion to the players. Also, more and more content exclusive to Bounty Bay Online will make the known world grow and give sailors now courses to plot for stunning discoveries.

Curious about Bounty Bay? Then head over to the background of The World to read more. Players will be able to visit more than 60 historical cities and ports, secret pirate hideouts and more than 1500 discoveries - from the Chinese Wall to the Egyptian pyramids.

Head over to Bounty Bay Online now to sign up for the open beta and begin your adventure in the historic 15th century!


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