Bounty Bay Online - Free add-on "Storm Island"

Mysterious fog is drifting ashore, somewhere close to the North American coast: Storm Island. The isle is the location of the first, substantial and free Bounty Bay Online-add-on "Storm Island", which is going to be released tomorrow.
The add-on offers brand new content - besides a newly added area with additional flora and fauna, the maximum level cap will be raised from 100 to 120.

Content and new features of the free "Storm Island"”-add-on:
- Level cap raised from 100 to 120
- 21 new special abilities (alchemy, fishing, muscular power, etc.)
- A new island to discover and explore
- New, extensive quests in group instance areas
- Fresh enemies, monsters, weapons, extras, armour, etc.

An overview of Storm Island is available on the BBO Website:


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