ActiTard win an award - Biggest Surprise of 2007

When Activision and Vivendi Games announced that they would be merging to form the beautifully named Activision Blizzard, nobody saw it coming. Even EA had to take a step back and breathe.

This merger will see two of the gaming indiustries best known and arguably two of the most loved companies merge to form the single largest third party developer and publisher of interactive entertainment products. On a side note: It will also give the former gaming-titan-gone-gaming-demi-god EA someone to compete with, meaning we the end consumer may see some exceptional titles coming out of the two companies as they compete head-to-head for the gaming worlds adoration and love.

If you think that isn't enough, they've won an award. Blizzard Entertainment are putting out innovative and revolutionary franchises such as Warcraft: a franchise credited for bringing the RTS genre to the casual gamer, StarCraft: an RTS franchise credited with being the best RTS of all time and Diablo: the definitive hack 'n' slash RPG, not to mention World of Warcraft and the new, untitled MMOG they are working on and what do IGN give them an award for?

Merging with Activision.

That's right, IGN have awarded the newly formed Activision Blizzard with the, "Best of 2007 - Biggest Surprise," award.

Sundays used to be quiet, laid-back affairs. But publishers Activision and Vivendi Games shattered the calm on December 2 when they jointly announced their impending merger. The creation of the world's largest third-party publisher caught the game industry off-guard and sent developers, investors and journalists scrambling on their day of rest. The publishers of Guitar Hero and World of WarCraft have become one? Surprise.


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