WoW Recruit-A-Friend: Earn Free Game Time, Plus More Mounts and Pets

If you haven't heard, World of Warcraft has leveled up their popular Recruit-A-Friend system to include a lot more benefits for both friends.All you need to do is use the RAF button on the in-game Friends List to send your friend(s) a customized email invitation. Once they accept and create an account, you'll be linked and able to find them in-game, along with some shared perks for 90 days:

  • Friend-to-friend summoning makes it easy to travel together
  • Bonus experience ensures faster leveling
  • Recruits can grant veteran extra levels to help friends stick together

If they purchase a full copy of the game and pay for a month of subscription time, you'll get 30 days of game time free. Additionally, in-game item rewards have been buffed to include several more epic mounts and pets to choose from:

These unlock after your friend pays for two full months of game time.

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