Blizzcon Opening Ceremony Highlights

MMO-Champion is keeping us updated on all the happenings, so head on over there or join the #Blizzcon 2013 live chat. Highlights from the Opening Ceremony:

  • Heroes of the Storm 
  • Hearthstone hopefully going into Open Beta next month
    • Blizzcon Card: Elite Tauren Chieftain
    • A 5 mana 5/5 with a set of three cards, one is dealt to each player. Awesome graphics and sound effects
    • Adding animated golden hero cards, earned in the new ranked play mode
    • Coming to iPhone and Android in the second half of next year
  • Warlords of Draenor
    • Announcement Trailer:
    • Faction Zones video:
    • Remaking a World video:
    • More to be revealed in the upcoming panel, but lots of talk about Hillsbrad and Southshore, Onyxia, and other things from Vanilla. Next the Dark Portal, AQ Gate opening, Corrupted Blood and other fun shared experiences.
    • The team has been thinking about the early days with the first Blizzard games, and how many WoW players never got to see the early Blizzard games or earlier Warcraft story. 
    • The dark days from the early Warcraft are coming again and will be the Alliance's finest hour. 

Many of us from Curse are on the scene in Anaheim, so stay tuned here, at MMO-Champion, and on our YouTube channel for updates straight from the floor!


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