Check Out Zombie Studios and Blacklight: Retribution at PAX Prime 2012

The team at Zombie Studios has posted a forum update, detailing their PAX Prime 2012 presence and what players can expect from Blacklight: Retribution at one of the last major gaming conferences of this year.

To start off with, there are multiple Blacklight: Retribution stations being played at PAX Prime this year, hosted both by Intel as well as Zombie Studios themselves. Stop by Zombie Studios' booth (#6212) to check out Blacklight: Retribution in action. The team will have two machines set up playing BLacklight with AI bots. 

Intel is taking things a step further, and will be hosting 16-player Blacklight: Retribution tournaments during PAX Prime, and even have some great prizes for winners.

If you're going to be at PAX, make sure you do stop by Zombie Studios' booth as they will be giving away some great loot to select visitors. In addition to some cool Pax Prime 2012 weapon hangers, the team will be giving away 100 Blacklight: Retribution t-shirts each day. 

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