Exclusive New Trailer For Blacklight Retribution's New Map 'Vertigo'

Earlier this week, Perfect World Entertainment and Zombie Studios released a trailer for their new Blacklighit Retribution map Containment. Today, the team at Curse is proud to bring you an exclusive look at another new map; Vertigo!

Vertigo, as evidenced in the video above, takes place across the rooftop of an inner city skyscraper. This means there are some great spots for verticality to come into play as teams can reach some great sightlines by making use of ladders and pathways strewn about the map. Vertigo lends itself extremely well for airstrikes and calling in hardsuits, as well, as the sky is completely clear and open.

For those unfamiliar with the game, Blacklight Retribution is Perfect World Entertainment's first foray into the world of first-person shooters. Developed by Zombie Studios, Blacklight Retribution is a free-to-play shooter that follows on the success of Zombie Studios' 2012 release Blacklight: Tango Down. The game features a sci-fi setting with some really fun features at players' disposal, not the least of which is the Hyper Reality Visor (HRV) which actually allows players to see through walls and pinpoint weaknesses in enemy hardsuits. Using the HRV provides total situational awareness and gives you an edge in battle if you use it wisely (not to mention, it's awesome seeing through walls).

Check out Blacklight Retribution at for more information on the game and to get yourself signed up for the open beta!


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