Blacklight Retribution's New Map: Containment

Perfect World Entertainment has announced the second of three new maps released during the open beta of Blacklight Retribution:  Containment!

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Containment is a sprawling, multi leveled map that is set amongst the remains of a desperate attempt to contain a deadly viral outbreak. Littered with filled body bags and the remains of the containment teams’ structures, this post-apocalyptic backdrop makes for one of Blacklight: Retributions most interesting maps to date.

With upper levels giving commanding views of choke points, as well as a myriad of tunnels and various structures, this map has the potential to reward all styles of gameplay. Snipers, as well as SMG toting point men will be right at home on this map.

Blacklight Retribution is Perfect World Entertainment's upcoming free-to-play first-person shooter, which is currently in open beta.  Based in a futuristic urban warzone, you'll participate in a variety of fast-paced cooperative and competitive multiplayer modes and maps all while leveling characters and customizing weapons.  The visuals and experience are stunning and well beyond the normal free-to-play fare; this is not a title to be ignored!

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